My name is Winni and this is a multiple fandom blog! Here is lots of Anime, sutpid tumblr stuff, Tv, Fairy kei, yandere, shota and maybe a tiny bit nsfw :) also you will find posts about my otps which are: Aokise (+ Kuroko no Harem, Muraaka), Destiel, Winchest, Johnlock, Eruri, Jeanmarco, Eremin, Thorki, Reigisa, Rintori, Nagitori, Shizaya, Nezushi, Phan, Troyler, ...and a lot more but these are the ones I´m currently actively shipping ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ Also I´m german so excuse my bad english :( Please have a good time!o

Happy New Year to Everyone!!

I hope you will have a good time :D 2013 was a weird year, lets hope 2014 becomes even weirder! Thanks for following me :3

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